ASI Programs


All of ASI's programs were designed to provide Access, Support, and Inspiration to music students.

ASI Musical Instrument Donations

In this 2-part program, ASI accepts donations of new and like-new instruments which are then given to students and schools who and are in financial need.


Private Lesson Scholarships

As a core ASI program, private lesson scholarships can provide the opportunity to aspiring students to achieve a higher level of musical understanding and skill.


College Track

Through our partnership with College Track, ASI has developed a program in Watts that has enriched their students’ understanding and appreciation of music and the music industry.


Intergenerational Music Program

The goal of this program is to expand the appreciation of music and community with the youth, elders and veterans that reside at the Center for the Homeless in South Bend, Indiana.  Guitar lessons provided by The Music Village will have a great impact on both generations.


Bring Arturo to School Program

A monthly program where Arturo Sandoval virtually visits schools that bring the spirit of music to life through the practices of collaboration and kindness.


Notre Dame Sacral Music Scholarship

The “Arturo Sandoval Institute Scholarship for Sacred Music” will begin in the 2019-2020 school year. Declared Music Majors can apply through the university.