About ASI


The Arturo Sandoval Institute (ASÍ) will provide Access, Support and Inspiration to music students so they may continue their music education without economic worry. Through scholarships, instrument donations, concerts, clinics, master classes, financial support and community collaborations, ASÍ is devoted to ensuring that music students can focus on what matters – because ASÍ is music!


Founded in 2012, ASÍ continues to provide ways for music students to pursue their passion for music without regard to their economic circumstances. ASÍ programs were designed so burgeoning artists can thrive. The Arturo Sandoval Institute is also dedicated to raising awareness for underprivileged music students through its funding and organizing of concerts and events. Above all, ASÍ aims to uplift artists to honing their craft through passion, hard work and fun.


Advisory Board

Debbie Allen

Beau Bridges

Carlos Fuentes, Jr.

Andy Garcia

Joe Gordon

Ernie Hudson

Frank Mancuso, Sr.

Nan Schwarz


We are grateful for the soulful accompaniment of our talented partners in serving music students.

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ASI loves to jam with other groups and share the spotlight. Become a Partner and help us provide music students with Access, Support and Inspiration.